Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. was established in 1999 for the purposes of breed preservation, conservation and to promote sustainable agriculture. Over the years, Maveric has contributed to the preservation, conservation and improvement of many endangered breeds of livestock.

We have raised Belted Galloway Cattle, Jacob, Navaho Churro & Karakul Sheep, LaMancha & Arapawa goats, Sicilian Donkeys, American Paint Horses, several varieties of endangered poultry and, of course, Mulefoot, Guinea, Ossabaw Island & Wessex Saddleback pigs.

Through the years, we have watched many of these breeds recover their populations and become viable once again. We have watched the Belted Galloway go from an oddity to a winning breed in the American Cattle Association shows. The rare turkeys, such as the Royal Palm and Slate have become popular heritage turkeys and are being raised by several dedicated breeders and put on Thanksgiving tables across America.

Many of the sheep & goat breeds are seeing resurgence in their popularity, as these breeds are being raised for their original attributes, such as meat, wool and brush control.

While we witnessed many of our breeds taking an upswing in numbers and popularity, we watched sadly as the pig breeds continued to diminish. There were no active organizations working to save pigs specifically, and no specific initiatives to work with pigs within established conservation groups. Maveric determined that the pigs should become a priority for our ranch. In 2006, we made the move to raising pigs exclusively and focusing all of our conservation efforts on the pig breeds that were listed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy.

We dispersed our herds of other species and ramped up our work, production and publicity with the Mulefoot, Guinea, Ossabaw and Wessex Saddleback pigs.

Great strides are being made with these pigs, such as getting recognized by the Slow Food Ark for superior quality, taste and conservation need. We have helped to establish over 50 farms with breeding stock of mulefoot and guinea hogs. We have entered the pigs in countless tasting events and competitions and have many awards to show for our effort.

We work with chefs all over the US to promote the “Eat it to Save it”™ plan. This plan promotes rare and endangered breeds by putting them back on the table. By putting these endangered breeds back in to production and using them for their intended purpose (as a viable and delicious food source), we encourage farmers to continue or start working with these breeds, thereby insuring the survival of these incredible pigs.

In addition to putting the pigs back on the table and increasing public awareness, we have donated 1000’s of pounds of meat to our local food pantries.