Student and Family Tours

Tours are scheduled by appointment from May 15 to October 1.

We offer tours to families, school groups, agriculture groups and others interested in sustainable agriculture or pigs.

Tours of 5 people or less cost $5 per person.

Larger groups can contact us for a group rate.

Children under 10 are FREE.

Tours from October 2 to May 14 are scheduled at the owner’s discretion and depending on the weather. Please call or email to schedule a tour.

Public Education Tours

Public education tours are typically held for organizations who want to promote or learn more about sustainable agriculture, endangered livestock breeds or other farming practices at Maveric. We have hosted tours for the USDA, County Extension Services, FFA, 4H, schools and several sustainable agriculture organizations.

We also host a class trip each year for college students studying rural sociology.

Prices are the same for regular tours.

** We are a biosecure facility. If you are a farmer or animal breeder, additional precautions may be necessary to insure the safety of our animals and prevent the spread of any diseases. Please inform us at the time of tour scheduling that you own livestock, and we will make the proper arrangements for the biosecurity of our ranch. Your full cooperation in this is greatly appreciated and insures the safety of our animals as well as your own.