Over the past few months, we have experienced rapid fire changes in the economy, spiking prices in corn, soybeans and gasoline, the flooding in the Midwest Wheat fields and the ongoing challenges faced by our Nation’s farmers. These topics have become the focal point for me, as I am receiving several inquiries per week to speak about the state of agriculture on public radio.

I am very excited to be speaking on FOX COX 1400AM WSTC/ 1350 WNLK and Phoenix, AZ KFNX on Thursday, July 9th at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET. I will be interviewed by Ginger Leilani Chapin for the “Conscious Lifestyles” show, where we will be talking about the 12 most contaminated foods, and what foods you should always buy organic.

A recent appearance included an interview with Ella Speakes of KTLR Radio in Oklahoma City, where we spoke of the Feminine Face of Agriculture, Monocultures, Pesticide use and more. http://www.ellaspeakes.com .  I was also interviewed by Toni Reece for the “Get Inspired” Baby Boomer Project where I was able to talk about inspiration and how I apply it to my life. www.getinspiredprojectboomers.com

Lastly, I am honored to be a spokesperson for sustainable and organic farms. I look forward to many events in the future. For booking information, please click on the “Book Arie” link above.

Hope to see you soon!