Shipping and Transport

We offer several shipping methods to get the pigs to their new farms.

If you are buying piglets, you can ship the piglets via Northwest or Delta Airlines from Sioux Falls to your nearest airport. We have had good luck shipping with both of these airlines. You must keep in mind that the airlines are governed by the USDA rules, and we must adhere to all these rules when using this method of shipment. Some of these rules that may impact your shipment include the temperature (cannot be below 30 degrees or above 70 degrees on either end of the trip), any missed flights resulting in an overnight layover may incur additional expenses, and we are only allowed two (2) crates per flight.

If you ship via air, you will have to purchase the crates (roughly $65 each) and these crates will belong to you. If you already own crates and wish to use them, you can ship your crates to us one week ahead of your shipping date.

You can get a quote from the airlines to better determine costs and feasibility of shipping via air. You will need the following information:

Crate size “large”

Weight including crate 90#

Origination: Sioux Falls, SD

Destination: Your Airport

Northwest phone (800) 692-2746

Delta phone (888) 736-3738

**Shipping via airline is COD. You pay at the airport when you pick up the pigs. Please be prepared to pay cash, as several of the baggage claims do not have credit card processing ability.

We work with two livestock haulers who specialize in moving horses and pigs.

These haulers charge from $2.50 to $4.00 per loaded mile. The price is highly varied depending on whether or not the trailer is full, how many pigs are on the transport, and whether or not the hauler has animals to haul on the return run.

We do everything we can to coordinate hauls so that the trailer is full and the cost per pig is as minimal as possible. As a rough estimate, we have shipped pigs this way for $80 to $200 per pig depending on all the conditions listed above. You can look on or and get an estimate on the mileage from Trent, SD to your town.

Both of these haulers are VERY good with animals and we have had great success in transporting pigs this way.

** Shipping via ground carriers must be PREPAID. We pay the carrier at the time of pickup at our ranch. Shipping fees must be received by us prior to sending the pigs.

If you have a carrier you would like to use, we can help coordinate shipping with your carrier. Health papers are still required. We need at least one week notice to schedule a vet check and get health papers, so please plan accordingly.

We encourage people to come to the ranch and pick up their pigs. If you would like to make a visit and get your pigs, please let us know and we will coordinate the dates with you.