Why you should buy Maveric Livestock

Maveric has been dedicated to raising endangered livestock breeds since 1999. Through the years, we have shown ourselves to breed superior animals and take great care in preserving the genetic diversity of our breeds.

We have maintained the largest herds of Mulefoot and Guinea hogs in existence, and have heavily promoted the attributes of these animals. We have supplied the starter pigs for herds on over 50 farms, and sold cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits, horses and donkeys to countless others.

We maintain rigid, on farm health protocols for all animals, including regularly scheduled veterinary checks.

Our animals are always cared for under the utmost humane standards, and are hand fed, watered and receive human interaction at least twice per day. All staff is trained in stress free animal handling, patterned after Dr. Temple Grandin’s protocols.

In cooperation with various registries and ALBC, we have been instrumental in establishing breed protocols on all of our pig breeds, especially the Mulefoots. We have established the Mulefoot and Guinea as viable, delicious, meat producing animals, recognized by Slow Food USA.

We know pigs. We have years of experience raising the endangered pig breeds, and are proficient in handling any health issues, weight management, breeding and breeding issues, genetic tracking and humane care standards.

Maveric pigs are the best in the breed.

It is easy to buy from us. We have established systems to help you buy, ship and maintain your pigs, an easy system to get you started with endangered pigs today!