Internships and Apprenticeships


Through our work as breed stewards, ranchers, farmers and conservationists, we have come to realize that the future of rare breeds and sustainable agriculture is in the hands of the next generation. We did not have mentors or internship opportunities when we decided to embark on our farming adventure. Learning has been through trial and error, hope and luck.

By establishing our internship and apprenticeship programs, we hope to help future breed stewards and farmers to be successful in their operations, thereby insuring the survival of the breeds we have worked so hard to save.

We embarked on our internship program in 2003. We have had many successes and are encouraged by the steady number of applicants interested in working with us to learn about rare breeds and sustainable agriculture.

After years of hosting interns, we made the decision to focus our on attention on Women in Agriculture. We have watched as opportunities for women interested in farming have diminished, whether due to the family farms being passed on to the male siblings, the economic barriers to owning a farm or the lack of opportunity for women to take over existing operations.

In the summer of 2010, we hosted 5 women. What we saw was, to our eyes, a miracle. The synergy, camaraderie and work ethic that developed amongst the 5 women was truly awe inspiring. The women all had the same vision, learn how to run their own farm in a sustainable way, save rare breeds and protect the environment. Each woman made her contribution to the ranch but also to each other’s lives. We feel honored to have been the site of such a wonderful awakening for these women.

We participate with many organizations to provide internships for future women farmers. Some of our affiliations include:

ATTRA (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)

WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms aka World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms)

MESA (Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture)

Pangea (Slow Food International)

Farm Beginnings (Land Stewardship Project and Dakota Rural Action)

We have working relationships with many universities and frequently accept interns through veterinary, genetics, biology and agriculture programs at these colleges. College level credit can be obtained through our internship program. For more information, please email a request for credit guidelines and rules.


We also offer an apprenticeship program at Maveric. This program is long term (up to one year). Apprentices will be trained in all aspects of swine production, rare breed preservation and sustainable farming methods with the intent to take the apprentice on as an employee or partner in the future, or to establish them to be able to own their own farm. Apprentices will receive the same benefits as an intern, plus stipend increases every 3 months. Please contact us for more specific information.

Additional Information for Intern and Apprentice Applicants:

General Information about our Program:

Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. was established to promote & preserve endangered breeds of livestock. We accomplish this through diligent breeding programs including genetic mapping and research, production & marketing. Our specialty is endangered hog breeds, and we currently raise Mulefoot, Guinea, Ossabaw Island & Wessex Saddlebacks. This is an ever changing, ever growing ranch, and we are constantly evaluating new & better ways to produce healthy livestock, foods and lifestyles, and enhance the beauty of our environment.

General Internship/Apprenticeship Information:

** Smokers, tobacco, heavy drinkers or recreational drug users not accepted.

Internships run: Year ‘Round
Minimum Length Stay: 3 Months after 1 week trial period
Contact Preference: email

Work/Experience Desired:
Since the intent of the internship is to pass along knowledge, we do not have specific experience requirements. We do give preference to those with a farming/agriculture background or those pursuing that career/lifestyle.

Applicants must be highly motivated, independent workers in good physical condition (able to lift 50lbs.), have a sincere desire to learn about sustainable farming & endangered livestock breeds. This is a hands on internship-you will get dirty every day! Daily physical work is challenging and required. Livestock handling & feeding & general farm upkeep will be part of the daily routine.

Add’l desirable traits: fluency in English, valid driver’s license.

** All interns will be required to understand & sign a confidentiality agreement to protect the proprietary methods used at Maveric.

Education Opportunity:
You will be provided with learning opportunities in Animal Husbandry including feed formulation, breeding plans, & stress-free livestock handling, genetics, Organic Meat Production, Green/Alternative Building Construction, Food Plot Production, Marketing, Business Management, homesteading, food prep & preservation, product development, general farm maintenance & a whole lot more.

Private bedroom in shared farm house & guest cottage, private or shared bath depending on number of interns on site, shared living room, kitchen, laundry facilities.

Community lunch & evening supper, most groceries provided for self made breakfast. Help with meal prep & cleanup greatly encouraged!

A pre-screening interview is necessary to see if an internship agreement should be pursued. Please contact us to schedule a phone interview before attempting to fill out the internship application.

If you would like to interview on site at Maveric, you would be most welcome. Again, contact us to get on the schedule.

To fill out an application, click here.