Women in Agriculture Certification Program

Our Women in Agriculture certification program is currently in development. Through cooperation with various sustainable agriculture organizations and learning institutions, we are developing a program to help women enter the agriculture arena.

This program is designed to help women acquire the skills necessary to operate their own small scale farming venture, develop a solid business plan, secure funds needed to acquire their farm and hands on experience in raising animals, vegetables & flowers.

Additional components of the program include:

  • Creating Value Added products (such as soap, cured & pickled products, dried flowers, etc.)
  • Determining skills already possessed and those needed in order to run a viable farming operation
  • Basic animal husbandry skills
  • Basic Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Developing a niche product
  • Marketing your niche product
  • Evaluating resources to determine what sort of operation to create
  • Determining basic needs to run intended operation (equipment, animals, seed, etc.)
  • Finding resources and funding to start and run an operation
  • Connecting with experienced farmers for internships, and possible partnerships
  • Developing a business plan, preparing budgets, on farm accounting requirements, legal and financial considerations
  • Much, Much More!

Please check back to see our progress with this exciting, new project. We are very enthusiastic about helping women future farmers get off to a good start with their farming adventure!