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Maveric pork is produced with the utmost care and quality. Our pigs are raised on rotated pastures and supplemented with alfalfa, corn, oats, beets, carrots, pumpkins, radishes, turnips, hay and eggs.

We do not feed any antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, unnatural ingredients, waste products, distillers grains or ethanol by products.

Our pork is completely chemical free and raised on no-spray pastures.

We have dedicated years to producing the finest meats from our endangered hog breeds. We know precisely when a pig is ready for harvest and what cuts and curing will maximize the flavor of the meat.

We have entered our Mulefoot and Guinea pork in many competitions including Cochon555, Cochon Ball, and numerous tasting events sponsored by Slow Food USA. Our pork has been featured prominently in several 5star French restaurants. Our pork has been the feature entre’ for several fund raising events for Dakota Rural Action, Slow Food, Hurricane Katrina Rebuild, Farm Beginnings, Earth Day and more.

The pork produced at Maveric is succulent, flavorful, tender and reminiscent of pork from days of old. This is pork as it should be.

Pork from Maveric is seasonal. We do not always have every breed available, so please call or email to see what our current offerings are.

Monthly Deal

Our Monthly deal can be found at

What’s Available

Pork from Maveric is available two ways. You can purchase a whole hog and have it processed yourself, or you can buy retail cuts. Our retail cuts are listed at

If you would like to buy a whole hog, please call for availability.

If you require that your whole hog be delivered to a butcher, we offer delivery to Hudson Locker, Elkton Locker, or Western Locker in South Dakota. The charge for delivery is $35. You can also pickup your hog at the ranch.

** Chefs see your special page below

How to Buy Pork

Directly from Us

Call for availability and pricing.

SD Local Foods CoOp

Our Monthly deal can be found at Products change monthly and specials are common, so check back often.

Chefs & Wholesale Buyers

Maveric enjoys a wonderful relationship with many chefs around the US. We appreciate the attention to detail our chefs put forth when preparing our meat, and are especially grateful for being a feature item on many 5 Star menus.

We offer wholesale and quantity pricing for chefs, caterers and fund raising events.

Please contact us for current offerings and pricing.

We are currently working with several meat distributors to get Maveric pork in cities across America. Check back soon for up to date information!

Who Processes Maveric Pork

Maveric enjoys a working relationship with several processors in the MidWest.

For USDA Inspected processing, we use Hudson Locker (605) 984-2033 and Elkton Locker (605) 542-2291, both in South Dakota. We especially appreciate the hams prepared at Hudson and the variety of sausages produced at Elkton.

For our chefs, caterers or large event planners, we use SiouxPreme Pack in Sioux Center Iowa. SiouxPreme is owned by Niman Ranch and has a large facility that affords us processing and shipping convenience. Pigs processed at SiouxPreme are USDA Inspected and handled in the traditional way: scalded and scraped, leaving the skin and head intact. If you are interested in a BBQ hog, whole hog, or primal cuts, we will have your pork processed at SiouxPreme.

For custom, local butchering that is State inspected, we prefer Western Locker in Sioux Falls. Phone: (605) 338-5129 If you are local in the Sioux Falls area and are interested in a whole hog for your freezer, we recommend processing at Western.


If you are a chef and are purchasing whole hogs or primal cuts, we can have your product shipped directly from the processing plant at SiouxPreme.

If you are purchasing retail cuts or special event cuts, we can ship your pork Fed Ex or UPS one day or overnight.

The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping as well as the cooler in which to ship. The cooler becomes the property of the buyer.

It is best to pick up your meat directly from the locker, as it will save you money.


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