How to Buy Livestock

What We Have Available

NOTE: Here at Maveric, we breed for two specific reasons – for meat production and to bolster and increase numbers in particular bloodlines.

We limit our bloodline specific breedings to 10-12 animals per year. Therefore, breeding stock is very limited. If you want to get top quality breeding stock in desirable bloodlines, it is best to let us know as soon as possible. We will then plan our breedings for your specific animals and bloodlines.

We do not keep a large inventory of breeding stock animals. Boars that are not sold by 3 months of age are castrated and become meat production animals. We rarely have gilts that are not pre-sold.

Don’t be disappointed because all the pigs have been sold. Order early and let us know what bloodlines you want to add to your herd.

Availability changes daily. Please email for a current sales flier.

We typically have weanlings two to three times per year. Some older stock may be available any time.

We currently have several 2YO Guinea Hog females available. These are females that represent duplicates in our genetics (we either have a full sister or both of the parents). These females are available for $300 each. Purchase three or more pigs and receive a discount!

Guinea weanling piglets are also available starting at $250 each depending on bloodline.

We DO NOT have any Wessex for Sale at this time.
Mulefoots: We are currently organizing our winter breeding and anticipate piglets around mid April 2011. If you are interested in reserving a mulefoot piglet, please submit your reservation form right away.

For current mulefoot breeders, if you are looking to add a specific bloodline to your herd and are seeking a piglet to do so, please let us know. We have several lines to choose from and can usually breed for what is needed.

How to Reserve Your Pigs

If you are interested in becoming a part of the conservation effort and would like to own your own Heritage Endangered hogs, you’ve come to the right ranch!

To date, we have supplied close to 100 farms with Heritage breed animals to start their own herds, and have leased or sold cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, donkeys and horses to families and zoos around the country.

We select only the best breeding stock to sell to other farmers, as we are committed to preserving the breeds we raise and want people to have the best possible herds.

Please email us for a current sales flier. For a Pig reservation form, please click here.

Info & Legal

** Attention** Veterinary Health papers on your pigs are required by all carriers before they will accept animals for shipment. We arrange for the animal inspection and papers to be processed by our veterinarian and will have the original sent to you via mail, and a copy sent with the animals. NO EXCEPTIONS. The cost for Health papers is $47.50 per farm (not per animal). If your State requires blood tests, this cost will be in addition to the Health papers, and will be billed at the same rate our vet charges us.

Pigs leave our farm healthy and sound. Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. is not liable for any injury sustained by a pig during flight or transport. Once the pig is released to the purchaser or the carrier, Maveric Heritage Ranch Co. is not liable for any injury, illness, death or veterinarian fees due to improper handling, feeding, medication, misc. ailments, etc; as we cannot guarantee proper care of the pig after purchase.

Hog Registration Info

You will receive a proper registration form for all pigs purchased. You must register your pig with it’s respective registry, American Mulefoot Association or the American Guinea Hog Association.

We DO NOT register pigs for purchasers. Please see the registries for membership info and registration requirements. All fees associated with the registry are the purchaser’s responsibility. You will receive your registration form as soon as your pigs are paid for in full.

We encourage all breeders to become members of their pig’s registry and to register all pigs. Registrations serve many purposes, such as tracking of the breed’s population and genetic information (family lines) as well as provide proof of pure bred status of the pig. This information helps to determine the bloodlines that are diminishing or growing, track litter size, genetic defects, differences in appearance and much more.

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