Other Maveric Animals

Over the years, Maveric has been the proud Steward of many endangered (and maybe not so endangered) breeds of livestock. We still maintain a small flock of poultry and a few paint horses, lots of cats and two very lazy dogs.

Some of the breeds we have had the pleasure of caring for are listed below. Please visit the respective breed registries for more information on these wonderful animals. Consider adding them to your farm today.

American Paint Horse Association

Belted Galloway Society

American Dairy Goat Association (La Manchas)

American Donkey & Mule Association (Sicilian Donkeys)

Arapawa Goat Breeders

Karakul Sheep Breeders

Navaho-Churro Sheep

Jacob Sheep

Scottish Highland Cattle or http://www.midwesthighlands.org/